Frequently Ask Questions


Q: Can I upgrade from C7330, (old Prog7330) to P7330 at a discounted price?

A: No. P7330 and C7330 are two distinct applications. P7330 requires a separate license purchase.


Q:  Can I import an old C7330 script file into the new P7330?

A: Regretfully no.  You  can, however, copy and past the old script into the P7330 User Editor. Since it is processed after all the GUI elements, the User Editor content can supersede the the GUI elements.


Q:  Does P7330 communicate directly with the S-COM 7330 controller?

A: Not at this time. Currently the output from P7330 is transferred to the controller console serial port using your preferred terminal program such as Minicom, Hyperterm, TeraTerm, etc. Direct serial communication is on the P7330 wish list, but when it might be added is TBD.


Q: What version S-COM 7330 firmware does P7330 support.

A: P7330 GUI supports the currently released S-COM v1.7. However, it’s possible to use P7330 with other versions of 7330 firmware, but they have not been tested. Your milage may very.


Q: I noticed the P7330 doesn’t currently support feature X. Do I have to wait for an updated P7330?

A: You are correct that not all S-COM 7330 configuration items are supported in the GUI. However, the user editor can be used to create any necessary configuration settings/commands currently not supported.


Q: What happens when S-COM updates the 7330 firmware with feature X?

A: The P7330 GUI will continue to work with the legacy configuration items. Functions added in later firmware releases can be accommodated by using the user editor until a P7330 update is available.

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