P7330 version 1 (32 bit)

Important Note:

P7330 version 1 is the legacy 32 bit version of the program. 

Version 1 is available for legacy 32 bit OS environments.

No further development is planned for version 1.

Download P7330 v1 (32 bit)

P7330-Win32 v1.3.1    (Windows Win7 SP1 and newer)

P7330-MAC32 v1.3.1    (Mac OS X 10.9 to 10.14)

Not compatible with Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina

P7330 User Manual

Copyright © 2020 by Sigrid Company LLC . All rights  reserved.  

No portion may be used without prior written consent.

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Demo Mode, (unregistered) operation:

P7330 will perform all of the functions except the compiled command output can not be selected for copy operation or saved to a file. The Message Builder output will return a fixed speech message that says, “P7330 test”. Once valid registration information is entered this restriction is removed.

Price and availability subject to change without notice.