C7330 Configuration Compiler


C7330 will process, or compile your repeater controller command file finding speech codes for words used, as well as encoding the correct CW character codes for CW messages. C7330 is specifically designed to process command files for the S-COM 7330 three port repeater controller.


  • Word code substitution for speech words used
  • CW character code substitution
  • Support for the 5k & 7k controllers included
  • Live text editor
  • Master & Control Operator password substitution
  • Macro name prefix substitution
  • Automatically removes comments & tabs
  • Optionally removes spaces to reduce upload bandwidth requirements
  • Drag & Drop - Just drag & drop your command file onto the input window
  • Available for Mac OSX & Windows

Download C7330

C7330-Win32 v1.3.0    (Windows 2000 and newer)


C7330-MAC v1.3.0     (OSX 10.3 or newer)


Product flyer for C7330

Demo Mode, (unregistered) operation.


C7330 will perform all of the functions except it will not save the compiled command file or support selection, copy or paste from the output window. Once valid registration information is entered this restriction is removed.

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No portion may be used without prior written consent.


Command file processor for the S-COM 7330, 7k, & 5k repeater controller.

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