P7330 Programming made easy.

All new from the ‘ground’ up. P7330  is a brand new utility to configure the S-COM 7330 repeater controller. 

P7330 makes it easy to configure and program the S-COM 7330 repeater controller without the need to look up command codes. By interacting with the graphic user interface, (GUI) the user sets the various configuration parameters such as IDs, timers, tones, messages, etc. The configuration settings may be saved to and restored from disk. P7330 supports multiple configuration files. 

P7330 supports nearly all of the S-COM 7330 configuration parameters. P7330 also provides a ‘free form’ command script editor for any command not supported or other advanced user configuration needs.

Advanced Features:

  • Message Builder - Create a message without looking up controller codes.
  • Macro Editor - Create & manage macros with automatic creation codes and password insertion.
  • Macro Pick List - Shows currently defined macros. Drag & Drop a macro from the list to any macro field.
  • Schedule Manager - Create and manage all your set points with global and individual enable/disable control.
  • Tabbed user interface organized by function
  • Mouse-over pop up help.
  • Free form user script editor with Master & Control password substitution for maximum programming flexibility.
  • Support for user custom word/sounds code lookup.
  • Available for Mac OS & Windows

Download P7330

P7330-Win32 v1.3.1    (Windows Win7 SP1 and newer)

P7330-MAC32 v1.3.1    (Mac OS X 10.9 to 10.14)

Not compatible with Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina

P7330 User Manual

Product flyer for P7330

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Programming utility for the S-COM 7330 repeater controller.

Try before you buy

Demo Mode, (unregistered) operation:

P7330 will perform all of the functions except the compiled command output can not be selected for copy operation or saved to a file. The Message Builder output will return a fixed speech message that says, “P7330 test”. Once valid registration information is entered this restriction is removed.

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